Bribie Island Bridge Paint Project (SEQ 2015)

SEQ benefits from budget

Graham Miller knows how important it is to have the right tool for the job.

His company, SEQ Onsite Services, was recently awarded a tender worth more than half a million dollars to paint the Bribie Island Bridge.

According to Mr Miller, it was all because he had the right piece of equipment – an encapsulation unit to prevent flecks of paint entering the Pumicestone Passage.

“We think the environmental side of it was why we won the tender,” he said.

Having the best equipment money can buy is crucial for Mr Miller, which is one of the reasons he is so supportive of the Federal Government’s budget measure which allows small businesses to immediately claim a 100% tax deduction for each asset they buy for less than $20,000.

On Thursday, Small Business Minister Bruce Billson and Member for Longman Wyatt Roy visited Mr Miller’s Caboolture office to see how the budget incentive was helping.

Mr Billson said the measure acted as a “little catalyst” to allow Mr Miller and his wife Catherine to “take that next step to buy that bit of extra kit to tool up and delight customers”.

“We can’t make all businesses succeed but we can get a lot of the obstacles and the headwind and a lot of the lead out of the saddlebag.” He said.


Last night Bribie bridge painting was well underway, I met Graham Miller (pictured) the owner/designer/operator of the revolutionary encaptulation vaccume system that is allowing the quick inexpensive blasting and painting of the bridge without comtamination of the passage water. The silver encapsulation unit (pictured), hangs over the side of the bridge, paint is removed with high pressure water (5000 psi) inside the unit then vacuumed into the truck (pictured). Main Roads and Environmental protection inspectors are impressed with the operation of this locally invented system. It will still be 6 weeks until completion, traffic delay times are about 4 minutes each way. Thank you for your patience. (Rick Williams MP Pumicestone)