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About SEQ Onsite Services Pty Ltd

SEQ Onsite Services Pty Ltd is a widely recognised and leading provider of abrasive blasting and protective coating services, within the corrosion control industry.

Our level of professionalism allows us to confidently undertake specialised projects requiring a high level of quality management (ISO 9001) and operational competence, such as environmentally sensitive and confined space projects.

Renowned for quality workmanship and professionalism, SEQ Onsite Services is committed to innovation and improving efficiencies, offering our customers faster turnaround times with the same high quality end result.

A variety of projects in terms of size and type has enabled SEQ Onsite Services to continually develop our process and technologies.

Our vision and values

SEQ Onsite Services Pty Ltd takes pride in achieving consistently high quality end products, whilst striving to continually raise quality standards. This is attained by:

  • Implementing and refining operations systems
  • Investing in new technologies
  • Keeping up to date with industry trends & In house staff training

While quality it the key vision for the business, we also highly value our customers by managing each project efficiently and with open communication channels between all parties involved. The large range of services offered can also provide customers with more options to better suit their situation.

Training and Development

SEQ Onsite Services Pty Ltd is committed to the development of all staff members and as a result trained and licensed staff are ready to carry out projects with experience and knowledge, giving the customer peace of mind. Staff are offered accredited training courses in the following:

  • Confined Space Safety and Access
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • OHS Training Courses
  • Coal Mining Qualifications (GIQ, Coal Board Medical, G1, G8, G9)
  • Crane Operation, Rigging and Scaffolding Training
  • High Risk License

Safety Management

SEQ Onsite Services Pty Ltd is committed to the safety and well being of our work team and therefore has an operative internal safety program that is compatible with the majority of our client’s requirements. Most clients operate comprehensive safety programmes and our own safety management program is compatible with full adherence to client procedures. We recognise that operations demand rigorous adherence to standard procedures and we provide our complete support to this requirement.

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